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After much searching and consideration I have come to conclusion that best place to buy Japanese DVDs in Japan is seated in my minshuku in Kyoto from America via Amazon UK.  Thank god that the good people of Greece voted to stay in the Euro — financial crisis, trade tariffs and the subsequent re-erection of national barriers could have seriously imperilled by  DVD purchasing enterprises.  However, according to THE MEDIA, we aren’t out of the woods yet and so I decided it most prudent to go on a credit fuelled spending spree before it all goes tits up.  My rationalisation is based on the demands of research and teaching, i.e. I’m (1) doing it for science and (2) for the kids.  Therefore I have no choice.  Poor me.

In other news I tweeted for the first time in ages yesterday.  My tweet commented on how awesome tatami mats are.  I reiterate on the eve of my second night in Kyoto:  Tatami mats are awesome.  They smell nice and invite you to sit on them.  Like in Hotaru no Hikari you find yourself overcome by the urge to roll around.  Its wonderfully liberating.  Indeed, over the last two days I have actually come to believe that furniture is the enemy.  Look at the way it just sits there and glares at you, judging your every move.  Furniture thinks you’re fat and barely conceals its contempt when you sit on it.  You cant roll around a room full of furniture either as you are very likely to bang your head on a chestefield or smack your ankle on a wing back.  Furniture is crap.

I cant think of anything else to write so have some photographs of tatami.  You will notice me sitting on furniture but I promise you it didn’t last.

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